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Roll guides you through the city in real-time.

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Mobile Development (React Native)
  • 2016

A friend in every neighborhood.

Roll is the friend you call when you're in a new city or neighborhood. Roll will get to know you, and make real-time recommendations for your next local adventure. For wherever you are, whatever time it is.

Curated by local tastemakers.

Most best-of city lists and review sites are untrustworthy and generic. Every recommendation on Roll is provided by a tastemaker in that neighborhood— think chefs, artists, creatives, and business owners. You'll get solid suggestions of where to go to truly experience the city you are in.

Support local businesses.

In addition to users getting awesome recommendations, Roll gives exposure to business owners who influence the neighborhood. Because a city is defined by the people who inhabit and love it. Learn about establishments and support local causes.

Simple, but powerful.

Roll allows you to fully adjust your location, radius, and mode so you can adjust your path however you want.