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  • Art Direction
  • UX Design
  • 2015

Creating Visual Assets and Graphics.

TakePart came to Onyx to create graphics and visual concepts to work within their template-based campaign structure. After initial discoveries stakeholders, our goal was to translate the narrative of the campaign to relevant graphics that could easily be implemented and applied.

Action-based Design.

The intent behind every TakePart campaign is to get users to take action. Imagery and messaging was structured in a way that could engage the users' emotional response, and result in direct action— signing a petition, joining a cause, or spreading the word.

Art-direction & Visual Storytelling.

Each campaign tells a specific story. We tell those stories with a combination of custom graphics, curated photography, and powerful messaging. By pairing effective image with informative text, we can immerse users in the story being told.

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The Result Inspires Action

Designing visual assets under set restrictions is a huge part of what we do. Whether you have a product you need built from scratch or need to give an existing platform a visual facelift, we're suited to help you.

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