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Meet and connect with real people, anywhere, any time.

  • Branding
  • Product Design
  • Creative Direction
  • 2015

A Dating App That Keeps it Real.

Vue aims to bring authenticity into the dating landscape. Bringing you spur-of-the-moment connections in the places that you love the most. With a presence as accurate as the human being behind it, people can finally count on an app to deliver real connections in real places in real time.

Breaking the Brand Down.

We identified Vue's personality and broke it down into four key pillars, the most important of which is authenticity— a trait that is lacking from the current landscape. From that foundation, we developed a visual foundation for the brand.

Exploring Logo Concepts.

After foundation building, the next step was diving into visual concepts that would eventually become the logo mark. We explored executions around perfect geometry as well as fluid, organic shapes.

Meet Your Match In the Places You Love The Most.

Vue allows you to create spur-of-the-moment connections with venue-based geo-targeting. Swipe through the room and meet your match in minutes— not weeks.

Focused, fast conversation without all the noise.

Say goodbye to dead-end chats. With a focused chat system, users are fully engaged with a single person at a given time— encouraging users to meet up or move on within minutes.

Huge Opportunity For Venue Partners and Sponsors.

Vue is great for businesses too. Push real-time offers to your customers and gather organic social content for the brand. Talk to and serve your customers.

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