2016 Mixtape

We compiled a list of the best stuff 2016 had to offer in 10 categories so we can finally put this year to bed. RIP 2016.

A Craigslist Ad: My Story At Onyx

There are a lot of articles talking about the transition into adulthood after college, but none of them really held any water with me, because in the end their lives panned out okay. No one was talking about the debilitating fear during the period where nothing is working out.

Year-End Reflections: Part 2

Start-up environments are high-energy, constantly changing, and full of insecurity. And that's not a bad thing. The beauty of starting your own business is the thrill and stimulation of not knowing. Most of life is not knowing. This is not a bad thing, this is what it's all about. Ride the wave with a full heart and dive into the madness.

Year-End Reflections: Part 1

The big thing left out of the 'Do What You Love' mantra is the day-to-day, sometimes laborious marathon and difficulty of actually following through. The internal struggle and mental strife that takes place between partners. The faking it, and the making it, the successes and disappointments. The days that aren't fun at all, the days that feel like hard work. We've felt it all in this first year.

Collaboration is Crucial

At Onyx, each project we take on starts off as a collaborative brainstorm with clear, defined directions we can individually explore.

Merging Friendship and Business

I come from a background of galleries, photo labs, and bike shops. In these places, a small community of creatives and adventurers come together for the sake of a greater purpose. Onyx is no different. But what sets Onyx apart is the balance of unique personalities that creates a powerful amalgam of motivation.