The Forever Millennial, Civil Rights 2.0, and Fashion-forward Fonts

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of November 4th brought to you by the Onyx team.


Confirmation Bias — With the election looming, the so-called "marketplace of ideas" builds an ecosystem in which the truth value of information doesn't matter.

The Forever Millennial — It's time we rewire our collective Pavlovian response, millennials = entitlement, and find the overlap between all ages.

Civil Rights 2.0 — In a country where almost no large media organizations are run by women or POC, net neutrality is being used as a way to balance the scales.

The "Facebook Impact" — An unexpected number of voters turned out for Hong Kong's Legislative Council election, thanks in part to Facebook campaigns by the city's social media-savvy politicians.


Uber, Simplified — Uber launches it's first major redesign since 2012 focusing on streamlining the UX and adding contextual information to a user's destination.

The New IFTTT — IFTTT updates it's app allowing a broader audience to turn on new experiences for any of the services they use.

Smart Food — NYC-based Sensory Spectrum is building mathematical models to predict how people perceive and experience the different sensory properties of foods.

Instant Shopping — Instagram launches a series of new shopping tools that make it easier for users to research products within Instagram's mobile app and make a purchases on the go.


Akira's Legacy — When anime was still largely considered a diversion for kids and comic book nerds, Akira sailed in on a river of blood and cartoon nudity.

Dashboard Design — From classic to concept, Car UX takes a look at how car manufactures tackle dashboard UX.

Eccentric Cartoons — Brooklyn-based illustrator, Cute Brute, creates delightfully risqué images with characters often in seductive poses or in offbeat situations.

Fashion-forward Fonts — Five years ago, minimalism ruled. However, in the world of slogan T-shirts and social-media-friendly statement dressing, it's all about the font.

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